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Installation day!

Posted in Uncategorized by washleyill on January 27, 2010
Rob and I installed our joint show in Priory’s Performing Art Center on Monday … it took FOREVER!  We didn’t have a theme because that’s how we roll, so besides our collaborative coral piece, we displayed a mish-mash of art pieces from the past 3 or so years.
I displayed my painted rocks, a collaged piece on recycled wood, a ceramic goat head, and a painted found object.  This was the second time I displayed my rocks in this space so I had learned a few valuable lessons…I’m not positive and I don’t want to assume, but I think that I may have lost a rock during my last show.  In effort to discourage curious hands,  I put the rocks in glass vessels of varying sizes and shapes.  It was not my first choice for a display but it definitely offered a good solution to both a clean and simple display as well as a deterrent for grabbing.
A few photos of the show follow… I will post more later.

rare specimens…

for close ups check out these past blog entries…..

miscellaneous collages...

the daily life of the submerged


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